Rt Rev Michael Ipgrave, Bishop of Lichfield, writes in his foreword:

“Churchwardens are the great unsung heroes of the Church of England… Matthew Clements is far too much of a Christian man to proclaim his own virtues, but the great strength of his writing is that he sets the sometimes dry duties and responsibilities of wardenship within the warm context of human lives lived joyously and devotedly in the service of Christ and his beloved Church. I was privileged to serve as archdeacon for a number of years alongside the author, and entirely recognise the truth of his wife’s comment that he was ‘born to be a churchwarden’. That remains the case for surprisingly many wardens in the Church of England today; some others achieve this office after years of waiting, and a great many have it thrust upon them. Whatever the route by which God calls them into this role, though, all should be honoured for the greatness of the task they have taken up; and all will find in this book practical wisdom, shrewd commonsense, and indefatigable commitment to a noble cause.”